About Us

Connell Limited Partnership (“Connell”) is a Boston based company with a record of growth and creation of shareholder value. Connell currently operates companies in the manufacturing sector, principally serving customers in the automotive, energy, mining, construction and agriculture industries. Connell has in excess of $500mm of funds available for investment and is continually evaluating new opportunities.

Our Partners

Over 25 years of investing, we have found that the most effective way to manage risk and build value is to partner with extremely able and experienced managers who have spent their lives building relationships and expertise in their respective industries. We work closely with our management teams to build companies that generate exceptional returns on invested capital through strategic growth initiatives and an unparalleled reliability for our customers and business partners.


We operate as a family-owned company with no predetermined redemption schedules or dividend requirements. This allows us greater flexibility for growth opportunities. Many times the companies we invest in operate in cyclical industries where high leverage is a strategic and competitive disadvantage. Connell’s independent financial strength, industry leadership positions, supply chain relationships and operating experience provides companies with the resources necessary to reach their profit potential.

Our Vision

We have demonstrated sustainable high returns on invested capital by building large-scale businesses in industries we understand. We continually invest our intellectual capital and equity capital in our portfolio companies to help them grow organically and/or through strategic acquisitions.