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East End Welding is a leading US fabricator located in Northeast Ohio. EEW provides ASME and AWS certified welding, complete metal forming and fabrication, and oversized capacity machining of ferrous and non-ferrous materials.​

​White Systems, located in Massachusetts, is a market leader in innovative, integrated intelligent storage solutions. White is one of the original carousel manufacturers and has stayed at the cutting edge of development for over 70 years assisting top tier clients in a range of industries, including e-commerce, aerospace, medical, manufacturing, and retail.

Sencorp is a leading thermoforming machine manufacturer located in Massachusetts. Sencorp thermoformers are used for manufacturing blister packs, clamshells, trays, disposable containers, and engineered to reliably produce high volume, quality parts from most major polymers. Sencorp supplies machines to the consumer, medical, pharmaceutical, food and automotive markets.

CeraTek, located in Massachusetts, offers the latest semi-automatic medical tray sealing technology, constant heat medical pouch sealers, vacuum chamber sealers, and custom machinery serving the medical industry. CeraTek’s heat sealers are used by many of the world’s largest medical device manufacturers.

Accu-Seal, located in California, is a leader in the design and manufacturing of heat-sealing solutions for a broad range of markets and applications. They are recognized worldwide as a preferred supplier of heat-sealing machinery when repeatability and reliability are a must.

Intek Integration Technologies, located in Massachusetts, integrates its warehouse software suite to bridge the gap with Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems and advanced warehouse automation. By providing Warehouse Management Software (WMS), Warehouse Execution Software (WES), and Warehouse Control Software (WCS) solutions, Intek is boosting warehouse productivity in a number of industries/sectors, including e-commerce and omni-channel distribution.

Minerva, based in California, offers field-proven warehouse management software that provides measurable and substantial improvements to accuracy and efficiency in distribution, manufacturing and 3PL environments. Its tailored customer-centric approach drives long-term customer relationships.

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