Anchor Danly
Anchor Danly Company is a leading supplier of custom and catalog die sets and die makers’ supplies, including guiding elements, die springs, dowel pins, fasteners, wear products, cams, punches, and components to the metal stamping industry. The primary markets of Anchor Danly include tool and die shops and stamping plants in the automotive, appliance, farm equipment, furniture, electronic, and jewelry industries.

Additionally, Anchor Danly and its Reliance fabrications division are leaders in the metal fabrications industry, supporting customers operating in the mining, energy, agriculture, infrastructure and heavy equipment industries.

Anchor Danly has manufacturing and sales facilities in key metalworking centers in the United States, Canada and Germany.

Anchor Danly
East End Welding, located in Northeast Ohio, is a leading US manufacturer of metal fabrications, serving customers in the energy, rail transportation, mining, industrial machinery and construction industries.

Anchor Danly
AWC Manufacturing, located in Guelph and Stratford Ontario, is a leading Canadian based manufacturer of metal fabrications serving customers in the energy, rail transportation, mining, industrial machinery and construction industries.


SencorpWhite is a world leader in packaging and automation.

We have been manufacturing machinery since 1947, providing logistics, supply chain management and packaging solutions.

SencorpWhite supplies inventory management and storage solutions to support manufacturing, warehousing and distribution centers around the world under the White brand of automated storage and retrieval systems.

Our notable clients include Fortune 500 companies in the aerospace, defense, automotive, healthcare and e-commerce industries.

SencorpWhite also manufactures thermoforming machines, automated packaging & sealing machines, and medical pouch & tray sealers which are recognized as industry leaders in the packaging, healthcare, food, consumer products, pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturing industries.

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